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Based in Cartagena, Colombia since 2015, Manzana Azul specialises in the design, launch and operation of boutique style hospitality aimed at travellers who seek authentic, off-the-beaten-track experiences in a fun, luxurious setting that also have positive environmental and social impact. 

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Bocachica, Isla Tierra  Bomba

Founded in 2016 and hidden away just half an hour by boat from central Cartagena, Blue Apple is an internationally inspired beach club, hotel and restaurant.


What differentiates Blue Apple from other island resorts in the area, is its holistically responsible environmental and social approach to operations, without compromising on the provision of outstanding food, a uniquely extensive wine list and excellent service. 

In 2018 Blue Apple was listed in The Times as one of the Top 20 most fashionable places to holiday in the world. 

100 lunch covers. 5 bedrooms. 10 beach bungalows.

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Centro Historico, Cartagena

Townhouse was created for those who like their boutique hotels with a side of attitude. Disguised by a traditional Republican façade is a modern, creative art hotel, decorated by young Colombian artists. ​ 


The atmosphere is young and vibrant, with a lively rooftop bar. Townhouse is the only hotel of its kind in the historic walled city, offering luxurious accommodation to travellers looking to enjoy a more social environment. 

8 Bedrooms. 3 Suites. Rooftop Bar.


Centro Historico, Cartagena

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Enriching tourist experiences are impossible without authentic interaction with local people, and any city aiming for sustainable tourism must have high quality offerings for its own residents.


Members Only opened in August 2018 as a boutique jazz bar that was created for locals, providing them with a sophisticated and, crucially, international entertainment experience.


The house band, MO-Town, was formed specifically for the bar and is the city's only jazz band.

MO flies under the radar, discourages the use of phones and therefore has no online presence. 

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Bocachica, Isla Tierra Bomba

The foundation is dedicated to implementing long-lasting change in the way waste and natural resources are managed by the hospitality industry in Cartagena, while creating sustainable, positive employment opportunities for local people.


By March 2020, Green Apple was servicing 15 bars, hotels and restaurants in Cartagena, processing glass and organic waste itself and diverting card, plastic and oil waste to recycling centres.


To date, the foundation has diverted over 100 tons of waste from landfill and created 5 full time jobs, as well as bringing waste management and sustainability to the forefront of hospitality operations in Cartagena.

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Coming Soon... (Summer 2021)

Isla Tierra Bomba, Cartagena

Born of the pandemic and a new environment for Cartagena, Amare is the beach club made for local people. 

So many of our team - and others working in high end tourism - seek somewhere for their day off, which has the same quality of service and experience as their work place, but within their budget. 

Amare is our way of saying thank you to the hospitality industry of Cartagena, by giving them a beach club to call home. 

Expect simple, fresh, international food with ice cold beers and - as always - amazing music. 

And when the tourists are back, they'll know where all the coolest bartenders in down are spending their day off.