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​With dual nationality (British-Trinidadian) and having lived, studied and worked in England, Scotland, Japan, France, Monaco and Colombia, I have a truly international outlook - personally, professionally and academically.


As an entrepreneur, I have created the places I want to go to myself - a blend of local, international, fun, luxurious and creative, as well as responsible towards the environment and local people. 


As a member of society, seeing both the social inequality around me and the environmental impact of unchecked tourism, I advocate for the incorporation of sustainable and regenerative practices into any operation, so that tourism becomes a source of growth, not force of destruction. 

My energy, experience and skills position me as an active innovator within the industry, a hands-on manager and a thought leader. Through Manzana Azul, I provide consultancy services to private and public sector, enabling the practical and accessible application of environmentally and socially sustainable methodologies in our sector. I am a regular speaker and panelist and volunteer for non-profits enabling better tourism. 

RECENT consultancy & volunteer roles

Regenerative Travel

Standard Bearer

Regenerative Travel is a benefit corporation uniting and promoting a global collection of independent hotels dedicated to operating not only sustainably, but regeneratively, with regards to social and environmental well-being. As Standard Bearer I defined membership criteria.


The Conscious Travel Foundation


A UK based collaboration aiming to make travel a force for good, The Conscious Travel Foundation was established to reinforce the positive impact of the travel industry and inspire a more meaningful, intentional way of exploring the world. As a mentor, I advised members and the founders on best practice.

Speaking engagement EXAMPLEs


Social Responsibility & Travel Business Success (with Jake Haupert & Jared Meyers)


Diversity & Inclusion in Travel (with Chris King from Lightning Recruitment)


How Regeneration, Environmental, and Social Equality Are Connected.

TL TALKS (2020)

Preserving while promoting a destination.


Collaboration not competition: Why the industry needs to work together for positive change

THE LONG RUN  (2019)

Scaling up waste management and recycling

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